The VU Orchestra plays several concerts every year in halls such as the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven and the Concertgebouw. In addition, we go on tour every summer to extend our sounds beyond the Dutch concert halls. Since the VU Orchestra is one of the largest and most groundbreaking student orchestras in the Netherlands, we prefer to challenge ourselves as much as possible. For example, in January 2023 we played Gustav Mahler’s Second Symphony and this winter we will perform Richard Strauss’s daring Ein Heldenleben for you.
We would not be able to do all this without support from various funds, subsidy providers and sponsors.

The VU Orchestra consists of a dynamic group of young musicians who are committed to creating wonderful musical experiences for our audiences. With an enormous reach among students, both within the orchestra and in our audience, the orchestra is the perfect opportunity to make your name or company more visible to a wide audience.

The VU Orchestra is open to all kinds of collaborations. Are you curious about what we can do for you? Download the brochure below or contact Robin Schot via acquisiteur@vu-orkest.nl.


Robin Schot

Acquisitions VU-Orkest 2021-2022

T: +31 6 30801354

Sponsorbrochure 2019-2020

Email: acquisiteur@vu-orkest.nl

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