As time progressed, the VU-Orchestra has become a much wanted and appreciated orchestra for musical collaborations and for choir accompaniment. The Orchestra has collaborated in a vast amount of great productions together with the Haags Toonkunst Koor, the Nederlands Concert Koor, Toonkunst Amsterdam, Philharmonisch Koor Toonkunst Rotterdam en the KCOV.

The performances with these choirs often took place in beautiful concert halls such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, De Doelen, the Philharmonie in Haarlem, the Music Sacrum, as well as abroad in the Czech Republic and in Italy ( Florence and San Gimignano). In addition, there were also performances in the Netherlands at less common locations such as the Boulevard in Zandvoort and the Cruise Terminal in Rotterdam. 

The VU-orchestra will still be available for choral accompaniments in the coming seasons. Whether the orchestra can provide choral accompaniment depends, besides the dates, on the level of its own seasonal program and the complexity of the requested choral accompaniment.

Choral accompaniment by the VU-Orchestra means that the orchestra is optimally prepared by their own conductor. The big advantage of choir accompaniment by the VU-Orchestra is the extra rehearsal time for choir and orchestra. On a weekend day before the final rehearsal and the concert, preferably in Amsterdam, the choir conductor rehearses with choir and orchestra (and soloists). Sometimes the choirmaster has already done some partial rehearsals (strings and / or wind instruments). In this way the final rehearsal is not the first and only choir-orchestra rehearsal with too little time and a lot of stress, as many choirs are used to, but a much more relaxed evening for small repairs and possibly run-through. 

For information about a choir accompaniment by the VU-orchestra, please contact the board.

Finally, a chronological overview of the most recent choral orchestral productions of the VU-orchestra.


Meezing Messiah – Nederlandse Reisopera

Consensus Vocalis

December 8th, Koninklijk Theater Carré

with Rick Muselaers


Haags Toonkunst Koor, Hans-Sachs-Chor

Beethoven – Missa Solemnis

May 12th, Zuiderstrandtheater

with Daan Admiraal


Meezing Messiah – Nederlandse Reisopera

Consensus Vocalis

December 9th, Koninklijk Theater Carré

with Nicolas Mansfield


De Amsterdamse Cantorij, Coro Encanto, Kamerkoor Doulce Memoire, Koor Fenix, Projectkoor 023

Psalmen symfonie – Stravinski and several pieces of Felix van den Hombergh

November 12th, Dominicuskerk, Amsterdam

November 13th, H.Bavokerk, Heemstede

with Felix van den Hombergh


Haags Toonkunst Koor

War Requiem – Britten

May 1st, Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

May 3th, Dr. Anton Philipszaal, Den Haag

with Daan Admiraal


Haags Toonkunst Koor

Mendelssohn – Elias

Locatie: Dr. Anton Philipszaal, Den Haag

with Daan Admiraal


Haags Toonkunst Koor

Roel van Oosten – Mare Liberum

September 18th

with Daan Admiraal

Vredespaleis, Den Haag


Haags Toonkunst Koor

Fauré – Requiem, Franck – Les sept paroles du christ en croix

April 5th, Antonius Abtkerk, Den Haag

with Daan Admiraal


Haags Toonkunst Koor

Mahler – Symfonie nr. 2

Januari 24th, Theater het Park, Hoorn

Januari 25th, Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

with Daan Admiraal


Haags Toonkunst Koor, KCOV

Verdi – Requiem

November 13th, Dr. Anton Philipszaal, Den Haag

with Daan Admiraal

November 20th, Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam

with Frank Hameleers


Oratoriumkoor Eigen Wijs

Gounod – Messe Solennelle and l’honneur de Sainte-Cécile

Mozart – Krönungsmesse

Oktober 11th, Westerkerk, Amesterdam

Oktober 12th, Mariakerk, Enschede

with Pierre Schuitemaker


Philharmonisch Koor, Toonkunst Rotterdam

Carlos Michans – Quid hoc dementiae est (première)

Brahms – Ein Deutsches Requiem

December 15th, Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Amsterdam

December 16th, De Doelen, Rotterdam

with Daan Admiraal


Amadeus Liberatore & Camerata Choirs, USA

Mozart – Mis in c

June 30th, Chiesa di Santo Stefano al Ponte Vecchio, Florence

July 1st, Duomo, San Gimignano

with Jonathan Talberg

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